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You may require Tow Truck services in St Alban’s for numerous reasons. If you face a breakdown of your vehicle in the middle of the traffic or meet an accident, whatever the reason is, you will need to Hire a Tow Truck Service in such conditions. Essential is to hire a tow truck company in St Albans that can offer you fast response, 24-hour tow truck service St Albans combined with quality and reasonable cost. Instant Auto Recovery Services is offering you towing facility through a trained, completely equipped team and Tow Truck St Albans. We take pride in saying that we provide a superior towing facility and are known as the best local tow truck service provider. We have a trained team who are experts in attending to all type of critical situation and works to minimise your stress by offering reliable solutions along with a guarantee of safety. You can completely trust us as your leading tow truck company in St Albans.

If you are travelling in an old car or maybe an improperly maintained car, no one knows what problems it can cause or what situation you might have to face during your travelling journey. This is why staying in touch with a reliable tow truck in St Albans is necessary. This can be helpful for you in time of need as you will not have to search for help and can easily call our team, who can help you save your day. We help with all mechanical and electrical failures that impact your car and offer towing services.

Know The Reasons for Which You May Need Towing Services

There are various reasons why contacting a Local Tow Truck Service can be a good consideration. Here are a few most typical causes listed below, for which you can contact our team

  • In case of a collision with another car
  • If your car is facing engine overheating
  • You can hire a tow truck service for transmission breakdown
  • In the case of an empty gas tank
  • If your car is stuck in the snow, mud, or ditch
  • A tire blowout can also be one of the reasons for which you need tow truck service in St Albans
  • And, boost for a battery

Kind of Vehicles That Can Get Towed

There is a question in the mind of most people if they can receive towing services for all types of vehicles or not. Instant Auto Recovery Services offers towing facilities for all makes and models. No matter what is the type or age of your vehicle, you can contact us for Tow Truck St Albans whether you require our help for towing an old car, luxury car, all-terrain car, vehicle trailer, type of passenger automobile, motorbike or a van, you can hire us as your tow truck service providers.

We also offer heavy-duty towing services such as for Garbage trucks, buses, farm machinery, mobile homes, semi-tractor trailer etc. If you want a tow, you can contact us for all types of vehicles.

Different Types of Tow Trucks

Here are a few types of Tow Trucks that we, the professional Tow Truck Company in St Albans, used for safely towing the vehicle without endangering the car.

  • Automatic Flatbed: This truck has a ramp that helps to put a vehicle on the flatbed using hydraulics.
  • Combination Tow Trucks: This type of truck is used for Heavy-duty towing and contains additional axes.
  • Chain and Hook: This truck is used to tow broken cars by using a hook and chain.
  • Wheel Raiser: This truck tows the car after securing it from the front of the rear drive wheel.

Instant Auto Recovery Services provides you with the most suitable truck per your requirement and type of vehicle, along with a completely equipped and trained team to handle the towing process after taking all the necessary information from you. We can run Tow Truck Services in St Albans under any circumstances, setting, and climate.

Why Choose Us as Your Tow Truck Services in St Albans?

We at Instant Auto Recovery Services can handle any emergency, no matter the car issue you are facing. If you require Towing Services, you can contact our team, and we will ensure you get back to the road as soon as possible without any stress. Contacting us will save you time and money and the completion of the process with complete safe methods as we are insured and permitted to perform all the towing tasks. You can count on us 24/7, no matter the time, day or night; we are here to serve you. Our fully equipped team can manage all roadside emergencies and offer you complete peace of mind. Here are a few key aspects which can help you choose us:

  • Comprehensive Towing Services Offered
  • Faster Service Times
  • Fully Equipped Trucks
  • Covering Significance Distances
  • Have the Necessary Insurance and Permits
  • Peace of Mind
  • Professional Services at Affordable Rates